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Système " Plasmacluster Ion "

«Plasmacluster Ion» System

The Plasmacluster ion generator inside the wall unit releases positive and negative ions into the room and reduces mold growth while destroying virus in the air.


 Système " Nature Wing "

«Nature Wing» System

The fan design Nature Wing is in tune with nature and creates a more efficient and the results of operations and energy savings (on the indoor and outdoor units) airflow.


 Fonction " Multi-Pièces "

«Multi-Room» Function

This function allows you to adjust the air flow and its direction to reach the set temperature faster on multiple parts. Then it circulates the air to keep the temperature.


Operation de Contrôle de l'Onduleur

Operation Control Inverter

This function has a rapid cooling system and a heating operation while reducing fluctuations in temperature and reducing energy consumption.


 Sytème de Débit d'Air à " Effet Coanda "

«Coanda Effect» System Airflow

This function pushes the hot air and brings down the wall to the ground during the heating mode and push the cold air up to the ceiling during the cooling process to avoid Direct airflow.


 Mode " Pleine Puissance "

«Full Power» Mode

Selecting this operation, the air conditioner operates at maximum power to rapidly cool or heat the room.


 Consigne de Basse Température Ambiante (à partir de 61°F / 16°C)

Setpoint Low Ambient Temperature (From 61°F / 16°C)

In cooling mode, the temperature can be adjusted from 61˚F (16˚C).


 Mode de " Fonctionnement à Sec " Informatisé

Computerized «Dry Operation» Mode

The indoor fan motor and the compressor are controlled by the computer to maintain an ambient humidity level that will not drop the ambient temperature.


 Réglage de la " Vitesse Automatique " et en " 3 Étapes "

«3 Steps Automatic Speed» Setting

The fan speed is available in three selections (HIGH / LOW / SOFT) and a speed in automatic mode. Manual gear selection is also available.


 Fonction de " Redémarrage Automatique "

Automatic Restart»Function

When power failure occurs, the unit will restart automatically when power is restored, and in the same context of active service before the power outage.


 Commutation Automatique

Automatic Switching

During operation of the “AUTO” mode, the unit automatically switches between “HEAT” mode and the “COOL” mode to maintain a comfortable room temperature. This is convenient for the seasons with temperature changes throughout the day.


 Fonction Hivernale

Winter Function

The cooling operation is available during the winter season temperatures from 14˚F (-10˚C).


 Coupure Automatique à 5°F (-15°C)

Cutoff  5°F (-15°C)

The machine stops automatically when the outside temperature is less than 5˚F (-15˚C) to protect the unit against damage caused by freezing.


 Contôle par Micro-Ordinateur

Microcomputer Control


 Télécommande sans Fil LCD

LCD Wireless Remote Control


 Minuterie Programmable sur " 24-Heures Démarrage / Arrêt "

24-HOUR ON/OFF Programmable Timer

The start and stop operations (hours and minutes) can be set at same time.


 Minuterie pour Mode " Arrêt 1 Heure "

1-Hour OFF Timer

When the ONE-HOUR OFF TIMER is set, the unit will automatically turn off after one hour.


Fonction “ Réveil ”

«Awakening» Function

Wen the ON Timer is set, the unit will turn on prior to the set time to allow the room to reach the desired temperature by the programmed time.


 Fonction de “ Mise en Veille " Automatique

«Auto Sleep» Function

When the OFF Timer is set, the temperature setting is automatically adjusted to prevent the room from becoming excessively hot or cold while you sleep.


 Fonction de " Balayage Automatique des Volets "

Auto Swing Louver

Automatic vertical airflow is available in order to make the room uniformly cool.


 Filtres Verts + Filtres Ag+

Ag+ Filter

To inhibit bacterial growth on the filter.


 Filtres Anti-Moisissure Amovibles et Lavables

Anti-Mold, Detachable & Washable Air Filter


 " Mode Silencieux "

«Silent Mode»

The unit will operate at extra low fan speed for comfort and in need of quieter operation.


Fonction " Auto-Nettoyage "

«Self Cleaning» Function

The SELF CLEAN operation helps to reduce the growth of mold fungus, and dries the inside of the air conditioner unit with Plasmacluster Ions.


 Réglage de Vidange Double

Dual Drain Setting

Rightward and Leftward Drain hose setting is available for easy installation.


Unité Simple/Multiple

Unité Simple/Multiple

Units with this feature can be used separete or in a multi split system.


 Protection Contre le Gel

Protection Against Frost

Base plate and coolant path specially designed to protect the unit against damage caused by freezing water into drains.


Revêtement Anti-Corrosion

Anti-Corrosion Coating

Special coating on the heat exchanger and other key elements in the outdoor unit to protect against corrosion.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Combination for Multi-Zone Units”] Combinaison des unités pour le Multi-Zone [/toggle] [/accordion] [/tab] [tab]La technologie Plasmacluster unique à Sharp neutralise les bactéries, les virus aéroportés, la moisissure et tout autre contaminant qui se retrouvent dans l'air.

Unique Sharp Plasmacluster technology neutralizes bacteria, airborne viruses, mold and other contaminants that are found in the air..

The key benefits of Plasmacluster:
Removes any airborne virus activity
Suppresses the activity of microorganisms in suspension
Acts both on the air in the mold and adhering
Neutralizes and removes airborne allergens such as dust mite feces and dead mites
Neutralizes and eliminates odors adherent (like tobacco smoke)
Removes static electricity that attracts airborne particles

Les avantages clés du Plasmacluster: Supprime toute activité des virus aéroportés

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During operation mode «AUTO», the unit automatically switches between the mode «HEAT» and mode «COOL» to maintain a comfortable room temperature. This is convenient for the seasons with temperature changes throughout the day.


CutOFF at 5°F (-15°C)

The machine stops automatically when the outside temperature is less than 5˚F (-15˚C) to protect the unit against damage that could lead to freezing.

Unités extérieures conçues spécialement pour le climat de l'Amérique du Nord[divider]


The winter failures are often caused by water freezing in the outdoor unit. To avoid this, Sharp has improved the drainage by providing many holes in the base plate of the outdoor unit. Caps to cover these holes are also included with the product for use in warmer climates where water is drained through a drain pipe.


When the heat exchanger is used to defrost the appliance, the hot gas is channeled to the area near the base plate of the heat exchanger. This prevents the drain water from freezing while allowing water to be smoothly discharged through the holes in the base plate.


A special anti-corrosion coating is applied to the heat exchanger and other essentials inside the outdoor unit for a longer life components.





By pressing the Multi-key, you keep your room to the desired point. By placing an indoor unit in the living room, on the stairs or wherever you want, this feature will quickly heat or cool a larger number of pieces to the set temperature. Then the fan speed and the flap angle is automatically controlled to circulate hot or cold gently and evenly in every corner of your home air.


Cooling Mode

Mode Climatisation[divider]

Heating Mode

Mode Chauffage[divider] [/tab][/tabs]A